Thursday, February 5, 2009

Score of the Century!

I decided to take a day just for myself. I wanted to go to the half-price bookstore to pick up a book on writing and anything else that might catch my eye. Something always catches my eye in the half-price bookstore, so I had high hopes for an extremely pleasant morning/afternoon (depending on how long I browsed and whether I felt the need to hit a yarn shop while I was at it.)

Boy, did something catch my eye. I stood and stared in disbelief, while my mouth opened and closed like a trout snapping at a fly. Ready? Check it out:

Yes, it's the infamous "Tudor Roses" knitting book by Alice Starmore (who may be a mythical creature instead of an actual flesh-and-blood designer.) For those of you who are not knitters, and know nothing of the legendary status of this book, check out this link. I'll wait here. What was that? Used copies selling for anywhere from $175 to $292??? Look closer at the picture below. See the little price tag? It's hard to read, but, does say $9.98.

Now you understand the hyperventilating trout imitation I was doing in the store. I managed to contain myself after the first audible gasp, but believe me, it was tough. I clutched it in my sweaty hand and didn't put it down until I checked out. I think I would have let someone snatch my purse before I would have given up the book! I couldn't resist telling the clerk about how much this book was commanding on (after I paid for it.) What makes me wonder is that the original owner's name and phone number are inside the book. Many of the other knitting and quilting books I looked through had the same name, so I don't know if someone was just clearing out her stash and had no idea what she had, or if perhaps the lady had passed away and her family disposed of her hobby books this way (a fate I expect most of my fabric, yarn, and books to have.) If I were a ridiculously nice, self-sacrificing person, I'd call the phone number and ask if she wants it back (if she's still among us.) Hmmmmm....I'm not that nice.

Whatever the case, I can't believe that I found this book. I haven't had a chance to look at it, so I plan to make myself a nice hot cup of tea and savor the reading of it. Wouldn't it be ironic if I don't like a thing in it?