Monday, April 6, 2009

The Final Countdown

It's the final few days before the wedding, and I'm not sure that I can do anything that needs to be done until Thursday and Friday. I need to make cookies, but it's too soon. I need to get my hair cut, so that will happen tomorrow. I need to get DH's clothes ready, but he has to go buy a new shirt and tie--so all I can do is nag and get his black suit to the cleaner's no later than tomorrow. I need to, I don't need to do that. No point. I need to iron my dress, but we're borrowing a friend's steamer, so I have to wait until we get that. I need to make Rugrat a slip to wear with her dress, but Missy hasn't bought a little tank top yet, so I have to wait for that.

In short, by Wednesday I'll be starting to get wound up, and Thursday and Friday will be insane.

Good news: the MOB dress now fits, due to dieting and a nifty waist cincher that hides the back fat but still allows me to breathe and move.

Bad news: I still have not gotten a check, so I have no more money. I can pay some bills this week, but I'll have to put some wedding stuff on a credit card, which REALLY ticks me off, as I had plenty of money set aside for the wedding that ended up being used for bills.

Good news: today is baseball's Opening Day. (OK, technically they made last night Opening Day, but it's not really Opening Day until the Cincinnati Reds have the parade and throw out the first pitch. I don't care what the baseball Powers That Be say, it ain't Opening Day until the Reds SAY it's Opening Day.)

Bad news: the Reds probably don't have a snowball's chance of making it to post-season play. But we're used to that now, so maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised this year.

And my mantra for the week: "They will still be married." As in:
  • If we don't have enough styrofoam coffee cups, they will still be married.
  • If we don't get the decorations perfect, they will still be married.
  • If Rugrat doesn't walk down the aisle like we hope she will, they will still be married.
  • If we run short on food or people think the food is crappy, they will still be married.
  • If this giant zit on my chin doesn't go away and looks like a stoplight in the pictures, they will still be married.
It's a rather comforting mantra. I plan to repeat it often.

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Daniele said...

I'm just waiting for details..... :)