Friday, March 14, 2008

The Last Purchase (sort of...)

Today it hit me--I have to stop buying project stuff and start finishing things.

I guess the epiphany came when I fell over the boxes blocking the teeny path to my computer desk, which is now located in the former weaving room. See, I lost one of my weaving/knitting/spinning/sewing/craft/computer rooms to a child returning to the nest, so now there is two rooms' worth of STUFF crammed into one room. And the only way to get it cleaned and organized is to start finishing things. And the only way to start finishing things is to STOP BUYING STUFF AND STARTING NEW PROJECTS!!

So today I bought the last two skeins of that yummy yellow Panda Silk sock yarn that I've been craving for the past week. It's kind of a..shall we say...farewell present from my reasonable self to my out-of-control-fiber-buying-project-starting-but-never-finishing self. And I warned Marcia, the Evil Yarn Shop Owner (hearafter known as MEYSO) that I would not be buying anything else until....well, I don't know when.

Of course, I might have to buy items to finish certain projects, like batting or thread to finish a quilt. Or knitting needles to replace broken or lost needles (though I plan to be verrrry careful with my luscious Knit Picks Options needles. More on them in another post.) And I'm not counting magazines as purchases, though new books will be banned. But I may have to reconsider the magazines. I mean, why buy more patterns and inspiration when you're already drowning in piles of them? So the buying moratorium is not carved in stone, except for anything used to start a new project, like more sock yarn. I expect readers to help me stay on the straight and narrow. I'll confess when I'm getting the itch, and you-all can talk me out of it, okay?

I also plan to sell some STUFF, once I figure out how to do it from a blog (total computer idiot here.) So keep your eyes open. Heck, if there's something you need, ask me. I probably have it and might be willing to part with it for a little cash!

That's the other reason for the spending freeze. I splurged (several times!) over the last few months, so I've got to work really hard on paying off the credit card. It was fun to go bonkers at the fiber festival last September, but now I have to keep moving balances to new cards to avoid interest charges. It's a pain in the neck, and lousy for the credit record.

There you have it. Time to stop buying and start spinning, knitting, quilting, weaving, etc. I'll post pictures of the rubble soon, and I'll start a list of WIPs and UFOs (Works in Progress and Unfinished Objects.) I need to have some sort of goal, so feel free to make suggestions. And if you're in the same boat, we'll work together!

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Knits,Eats,Sleeps said...

OH look what I just came across.. a new LACE shawl pattern! Let's see what it calls for- Laceweight alpaca? Hmmm... I know a certain MEYSO who just so happens to have in stock the very same delicious stuff! (remember, we were pretending to lick it this afternoon) Muahahaha! (If you stop shopping for yarn that lessens my opportunities to shop for yarn. And we can't have that. I know your weaknesses and I'm not afraid to use them!)
I know you want to click this link..