Saturday, March 15, 2008

Beside the chair...

Ok, no photos yet, but I'll start with a list of the projects piled around my chair in the living room. This will be kind of like an archaeological dig, because the newest stuff is on top. I don't know what's on the bottom. Ooooh, this could be exciting!
1. The Last Purchase yellow variegated Panda Silk sock yarn. Not started.
2. Two skeins of Katia Mississippi 3 for socks. Lovely lavender shade. Not started. Done!
3. Two skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted for socks. Even more lovely pinkish-purple color, with the hand-dyed shading in the skein. Yummm. Not started. Done!
4. Chris Bylsma Crayon Box Jacket. This was started with Poems and Sonnet, from Wisdom Yarns. They're both variegated, with shades running from deep rose through pinkish-purple, to dark lavender (do we see a common theme forming?) The original pattern calls for all sorts of novelty and accent yarns, but I wanted mine to be more sedate. And pinkish-purple. Part of the front done.
5. Plymouth Yarn Lacey Shrug pattern, started with Encore Colors. Variegated shades of gray and, um, pinkish-purple. (This is a little embarrassing.) About halfway done. Done!
6. Novelty yarn for a scarf. One skein of Crystal Palace Fling, and one skein of Trendsetter Antico. The main colors are pale yellow, pink, and...never mind. Not started.
7. Yarn and pattern by Debby Ware: Baby Beret in pink, cream, yellow, and green. Not started.
8. Pale blue variegated Panda Wool socks. First sock is done, and second is well along. Done!
9. A gorgeous lace scarf in Rowan Kidsilk Haze in a deep, glowing rose. This is intended as a gift. (Though the last time I knitted a scarf for someone, she died two weeks later. Maybe that's why I haven't finished this one, because it really is lovely and the yarn is a joy to work with, but I also really love the friend for whom it's intended. I don't want to be the Scarf-Giving Harbinger of Death.) It's about 1/3 done Done!
10. One skein of Phildar Phil Luxe that I think I was going to use for baby socks. Soft, buttery yellows. Not started.
11. A box of applique quilt pieces that I'm basting to freezer paper so I can sew them to the background. The pattern is "Laurel Leaves" and there are about a billion leaves to do. Started, and a looooooonnnnnng way from being done.
12-14.Three of the set of four "Petite Exemplary" cross-stitch designs by Ewe & Eye & Friends. Luckily, these are less than two inches square. One is almost done, two aren't started. Done!
15. "Forever Hearts" cross-stitch design by Ewe & Eye & Friends. About 1/3 done. Done!

 16. A knitted baby skirt made with Cascade 220 and Fling novelty yarn. Deep pink. (Did I mention that we have a grandbaby living with us?) About 1/2 done.
17-19. Three skeins of Trekking XXL sock yarn: one in deep pumpkin, one in a brighter orange, and one in a sort of burgundy/raspberry. All are variegated. None started.
20.Yarn for another novelty scarf: Fling in deep teal, and Safari in variegated teals. Not started. Done!
21 & 22. Two skeins of Tofutsies yarn for socks: one rose/pink/beige variegated and one purple variegated. (You knew there had to be more purple in the pile, didn't you?) Not started. Done!
23. Pink Sheep in the Shop wool scarf. Halfway done. Done!
24. Elizabeth Bradley Needlepoint kit. This is the "Waterlilies" pattern from the "Forget-Me-Nots" series. There are four squares in the series, and you can put them together with the border kits to make a rug. About 2 1/2 inches done on a 16-inch square.

25. Almost-finished (yay!) baby coat from a Debbie Bliss pattern. It's RED, hahaha!! And it's all knitted. I WILL finish it two weeks from today because I'm taking it as my project for a class on finishing knitted clothing. So it's really done. Sort of. Done!
26. Last but not least, another novelty yarn scarf out of Fling and Flutter in light teal. About 1/3 done. Done!
 27. No, wait! I forgot! (How could I? It's sitting right in front of me!) I'm plying two mill-spun singles of merino to make a uber-fine shawl yarn. Plans are to play around with dying some of the skeins and selling them. I have plenty: four cones at around 10,000 yards each of the mill-spun. I'm not even thinking about how far from done this project is.
Whew. And that's just downstairs within reach. It's interesting to see the stopping point on these--most are 1/2 to 1/3 done. So I think I'll try to finish some things, starting with the half-finished, then moving on to the 1/3 done projects. It helps to list all of this because I can see exactly what needs done, instead of just a huge pile. But what about the long-term projects, like the needlepoint and the quilt? And those aren't the only ones I've got going. More on how to deal with them later.
If you've read the first comment on the first post, you'll see that there is a viper in the nest. The aforementioned returning chick is a knitter. And an enabler. Maybe if I toss her some alpaca now and then it will shut her up.

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