Saturday, June 6, 2009

Do I Get a Prize?

That would be for being the world's worst blogger. I'm always stunned to see how many days weeks have passed between blogs. It's not as if I'm doing nothing. I am still knitting and playing violin and doing housework. Ok, I'm not really doing housework. At least not regularly. Sometimes something comes over me and I have a momentary spasm of cleaning, but it passes quickly. I did clean the bathroom yesterday. But that cleaning urge is now but a faint memory, though I do feel a let's-move-the-computer-out-of-the-bedroom-and-into-the-freshly-painted-office-that-was-formerly-the-Rugrat's-room-where-it-belongs twitch. I hope it lasts until DH gets home, because it's not something I can do alone, and I do so look forward to having a bedroom that actually looks like a bedroom, not a computer room that also happens to house a king-size bed.

We have had some familial excitement around here the past month. My mother was taken ill on the trip home from vacation, and had to be hospitalized for a week in a town five hours away. It looked pretty serious at first, so my brother and his wife, my two kids, and I jumped in my son's mini-whatever-it-is (not a van, but not quite a car either) and headed down there to check in on her and Dad. Fortunately, she's home and recovering, but it was a bit iffy for a while. It would have been a great trip if it hadn't been for her illness. My family's way of dealing with stress and worry is to get stupid and silly and laugh at inappropriate times for totally inappropriate reasons. It's a good thing my sister-in-law is used to this, otherwise it would have been an extreeeeeeemely long trip for her. As it was, I think she was ready to disown us all. And we had to laugh hysterically to cover the fact that we were gripping the door handles in sheer terror as my son zoomed through the mountains of southern Kentucky/northern Tennessee during a raging storm. It was dark, but I know the view over Jellico, TN quite well, thankyouverymuch. I'm not sure if it would have been better if we had been able to see. The imagination tends to work a little overtime in such situations. And my son did NOT learn to drive that fast from me!

So Mom is home and doing as well as can be expected. Aaaaaand....I found out I'm going to be a Grandma, er, Mimi again!! My son's wife is expecting in January! How's that for excitement? It hasn't really sunk in yet, and I've only just begun to think about possible knitting projects. I do have plenty of yarn left over from the great cotton blanket I knitted for the Rugrat, so I guess she and her cousin-to-be will have matching blankets. I think I'm hoping it's a boy. But OK...I guess I can make do with another granddaughter. Heavy sigh. If I must.

We've had the Rugrat over to spend the night once since Missy's wedding. Pappy took her out to buy her a special sleeping bag, so she has her very own Disney princess "feeping bag" to use when she stays. Of course, she has to fall asleep in our bed first, and we have to be lying down with her, but well....what can you do? No, she's not spoiled. Hush.

In the knitting department, I've joined the "52 Projects in 52 Weeks" group on Ravelry that started June 1st, which kind of makes me giggle. I mean, really. A project done every week??? Me??? But maybe it will help me finish some things, and since that's what this blog is ALL about-- cough, cough --that's a good thing, isn't it? I figure I'll have to finish a lot of socks and scarves and such, and work on the big projects in between. I have a pair of socks that I need to finish by tomorrow so I can post them in the first week's tally, then I'll go back to the cabled sweater for a few days before I finish whipping out a scarf for the second week's tally. That, my friends, is the master plan. Discipline, however, is not my strong suit, so we'll see how it goes. It's a good thing I started that Noro sweater right before we took off on our trip to see Mom. I had something to work on when I wasn't clutching door handles, and since all I have to do is finish the second sleeve, block and sew it together, and knit on the neckband, I'm golden! See, sometimes it pays to start new projects when you shouldn't, right?

I think I'll go clean off the computer desk before hubby gets home. I stand a much better chance of getting the darn thing out of the bedroom today if the printer, monitor, and keyboard are "temporarily" housed on his side of the bed. I don't think he'd like sleeping in the Disney princess "feeping bag."

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Daniele said...

First of all, so glad Mom is home and recovering well. What a scare! And I didn't realize the drive y'all went through!!

Secondly, congratulations on being a grandma again! How exciting!!

Thirdly, good luck on the KAL. You will be great and the "plan" will totally work out. That, or you'll end up with a lot of scarves. ;) Hugs.