Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oops, I Missed It!

Yesterday was "Ten on Tuesday" day, and I didn't get around to posting. The list was supposed to be your ten favorite songs from the 'eighties. To tell the truth, I missed posting accidentally on purpose, because my ten-favorite-songs-from-the-'eighties list would probably have been even shorter than my ten-guilty-TV-pleasures list. Now, that's not because I hated 'eighties music quite that much, though a lot of it was lame. Or grody. Or whatever term we were using back then to indicate contempt. And therein lies the problem. I can't remember songs from the 'eighties.

That's not exactly right, either. I guess it's just that it's all blurring together. See, I know that Led Zeppelin and John Denver were the 'seventies, because I can remember listening to them while I was in school. (Yes, I listened to both, and yes, that's probably the first time you've seen both names used in the same sentence.) But I have no specific memories to hang music of the 'eighties and 'nineties on. I had kids. It's all a blur after 1982.

Ok, I do know that Wham-with-an-exclamation-mark was definitely an 'eighties group. But they don't make it on my ten favorite songs list. And, of course, unless you've been living on a desert island or are in a vegetative state (in either case you wouldn't be reading this anyway) you know that Michael Jackson released his "Thriller" album in the 'eighties. But as heretical as it may be, that doesn't make my top ten list either. (Since I'm confessing all my bizarre music tastes, I may as well admit here that I don't really care for the Beatles. So sue me.) Was Whitesnake the 'eighties, or were they early 'nineties? See, I can't even remember song names, so I have to fall back on bands. Nirvana is 'nineties, right? Or were they late late 'eighties too?

Wait, Bruce Springsteen. "Dancing in the Dark." I liked that song. That was definitely 'eighties. There, that's one. Though I really don't know if it would be one of my top ten songs of the 'eighties. That's a pretty narrow field--one song per year. So I got nothing.

Except this. This was the 'eighties, and while I liked the song the first couple of times I heard it, you know how it is when you hear a song for the 4,763,928th time. But this song has been brought back to life in a new and totally exiting way. To make up for my FAIL at the music list, I give you "Total Eclipse of the Heart" as you've never heard it. Enjoy. This just may have made the 'eighties worth living through.


Skittl1321 said...

I LOVE literal videos. Except if the person who does it doesn't have an incredible voice it ruins it, but that is one of the best ones on youtube.

SewSweetStitches said...

My baby takes the morning TRAIN! He somthing somthng somthing SOMTHING!... grr *annoy Mom FAIL*

Lisa said...

Oh, no. That was definitely an annoy Mom WIN!!