Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Last Post...

...of 2009. Doesn't that just make you kind of teary-eyed? Me neither.

So this would be when I show off all the finished projects in 2009, but you know what that would mean. Yep, pictures. It ain't happening. I will say that I was happy to finish a number of things (some of them are in the list at the very bottom of the page) and that a couple of Finished Objects were BSPs (that's Big Stinkin' Project, Melissa, which you would have known if you had been reading my blog but that's okay I'm just your poor old Mom and what could I possibly have to say that you would be interested in anyway?) Ahem.

This also would be when I list resolutions for the coming year, but I really don't have any. At least not new ones. And I don't really make resolutions, nor do I set goals. I think it's tough to resolve to do something and maintain that resolve through all the ups and downs of life. What happens most of the time is that we break our resolve and eat that entire carton of ice cream (just an example--not anything I know about from experience koff koff) and then chuck the whole diet resolution because we've just blown it. And setting goals has always been a weird thing for me because it's so closed or something. I mean, I could set the goal that I want to learn to play violin, or learn to speak Italian, or learn to paint, but when are you there? How do you know when you've reached that goal, and what do you do then? Sell the violin, toss out the watercolors?

Sooooo, I prefer having intentions. (And don't even mention that old saying about the road to hell!) Intentions work much better for me, because they can be things that will never end. I can have the intention to eat more healthy food, and because it's an intention rather than a goal or a resolution, it can last as long as I need it to. I think intentions suit me better because they have a little wiggle room, too. If I have the intention to eat better and I pig out on ice cream occasionally, I don't feel like I've blown some rigid standard I set for myself. For me, it produces a better mind-set.

So, do I have intentions? Oh, yeah--lots of them, and not just for the new year:

Continue learning the violin
Daily Bible reading
Work on finishing fiber projects (spinning, knitting, needlework, quilting)
Get some painting done in the house
Plan, plant, and maintain flower beds in the spring & summer
Take better care of my physical health, which includes regular exercise
Socialize more

Well, there are a few. I'm sure I have more, but that's what comes right off the top of my head. And now all this talk of ice cream has had an effect. I'm off to answer the call of the wild Mint Chocolate Chip that's residing in my freezer.

BTW, check out the comment on the last post that Mommy X left. Everybody's a comedian!


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Jessica said...

Yes, I am a comedian. But nobody laughs at my jokes :( I enjoyed reading your list of intentions and I especially liked how “continue learning the violin” is before “daily bible reading”. I have the intention of having this baby sometime this weekend- but I don’t think he wants to come out. He’s fully cooked, I think he’s just freeloading at this point.

Lisa said...

Ya know, I meant to put a disclaimer that those intentions were in no particular order, but I forgot. I put violin first because I had just been thinking about it. So there.

Do you think you can have that baby sometime this year?? Har.