Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm Baaaaack!

I wandered off to what I thought were greener pastures, but I've been even less happy with Wordpress than I was with Blogger. The Help section was better, but almost everything was easier to do in Blogger, like posting pictures, or putting stuff in the sidebar.

So I am again changing my mind, and coming back here. I get more of a warm, fuzzy feeling from this blog than from the Wordpress one. So if you really need to see what's been going on with me since the end of July, this would be where you have to go:  I'll put a link over there to get you back to here. What a pain, but Blogger doesn't have the ability to import an entire blog--at least not a one-step kind of thing, which is what I need. It can be done, but just reading the instructions gives me a headache.

I feel like I got away (boyyyyy, did I get away) from the original purpose of the blog, which was to get stuff done. Coming back here may kind of get me back on the right path. That and the fact that my  hours are going to go way down at work because we lost a big client, so I'll have no money for yarn. That's okay, though. I have plenty in stock here.(Only I can't find my skein of Dream in Color Smooshy, and it's driving me crazy.) Summer of Socks didn't help either, but I do have just the best sock drawer in the world now!

I've joined a couple of new groups in Ravelry that are dedicated to finishing WIPs, so much of what goes on over there will end up here. First off, it's time for another Project List. That's on tomorrow's To Do list.

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Daniele said...

It is true, I did use so much sock yarn during SOS 08. I feel like it needs to be built up again! I hope your new groups get you going on that WIP list. I can't wait to see some finished projects! :)