Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Tale of Mr. Bun

Meet Mr. Bun:

No, you're not seeing double. There really are two Mr. Buns in the picture. If you look closely, you'll see that one is, well, slightly more "loved" than the other. (Dirty, in other words.) Why two?

You know how it is when you have little ones. You are blessed with an overabundance of stuffed creatures, be they bears, buns, or dolls. Our Rugrat got three "My First Doll" babies, but she's never gotten attached to them. No, it was Mr. Bun from around the time she could focus her eyes.

I grant you, the name is a little odd. This clearly would be considered a feminine bunny, seeing as how it's dressed in pink, has a tag on its chest that says "Sweet Baby", and is wearing its very own bunny slippers. But Missy and I dubbed it Mr. Bun in honor of Hobbes' counterpart in the "Calvin and Hobbes" comic strip. (Remember? Suzie always wanted to play house with Mr. Bun and Hobbes and she couldn't figure out why Calvin threw such a fit over it.) Anyway, Mr. Bun has been THE bun of choice, and always will be.

Unfortunately, a couple of months ago, Rugrat dropped him in a store somewhere, and despite all my nagging, her mother has neglected to retrace her steps to find him. Her. It. So what's a good MeMaw to do but get on ebay and find another one?

Do you have any idea how much these things are going for? I found a couple that were listed at around $30 for the Buy it Now price. That was a bit too steep, but I waited and finally got one for around $20. Being the smart (ha ha) Memaw that I am, I planned ahead for the day when this Mr. Bun might go AWOL and grabbed another off ebay. That one I tucked away for just in case. And if Mr. Bun #1 (really #2 now) survived, then Mr. Bun #3 would be my own little memento of my first grandbaby's younger years.

Of course it couldn't last. The day came when we had to take Rugrat to the ER, and Mr. Bun was nowhere to be found. So against my better judgement, but unable to resist the pitiful whining, I dug Mr. Bun #3 out of the dresser drawer, and all was well. (Anything to get Rugrat's mother to stop whining.)

So we now have Mr. Bun #2 and Mr. Bun #3 floating around the house. I still think I should put one of them away, but darn it if we can't find one where he/she is supposed to be, so the backup Bun comes into play. And I'm still keeping my eyes open for Carter's Happy Friends Sweet Baby Bunny. I'm thinking that a Mr. Bun #4 might not be such a bad idea. Just in case. Either that, or I attach a GPS to each Mr. Bun.


Denise said...

Sounds like we have the same daughter.

Better shove a lojack in that bunny.

Daniele said...

What a great story!! MeMaw is great! :)