Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm Siiiiiick....

Read that in your best whiny tone. Good thing I stopped at the library and got the last two "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies. Also stocked up on ramen soup (at the grocery, not the library. Though wouldn't a library/grocery be a handy thing?) which I spice up with ground red pepper--it helps the drainage.

Speaking of pepper, I was telling my violin teacher today about my special chicken soup recipe, and she said she'd always heard canine pepper was good for your system. Once we sorted out that she meant "cayenne" pepper, we fell about laughing. I love her. She's as goofy as I am.

We're supposed to get snow today and tomorrow, so I'm glad that I not only have the movies, but I hit the library and the bookstore today. I also have a half-full bottle of Old Crow, which is nearly as good for your system as canine pepper. I think I'll go crawl into my blue flannel nightie with the snowflakes on it, and snuggle in bed with a magazine for a while. If I gather my energy, I should get some knitting done on The Dress as well.

Luckily, I have household help. Everyone is expected to pull her own weight around here!

Such a good little worker she is, but she ends up with dishpan hands.

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Daniele said...

OMG! How cute is she!!!

Feel better soon and enjoy Johnny Depp. After all, I'm pretty sure he made those movies just for your enjoyment. Right? :)