Monday, May 5, 2008

Slow Days

I got very little knitting done yesterday because my right hand and wrist started bothering me. I don't know if it's from using tiny needles so much, but I started feeling like something was stabbing right in the center of my palm. I strained a tendon in my wrist (on the top) about 18 months ago, and I can still feel that as well, so I thought it would be best to rest it for a day or two. I suspect the palm pain is partly caused by using the number pad on the computer at work so much. My hand stays in a curled position for such a long time because of all the data entry I do, and I could feel the ache in my palm today.

Sooooo, I had to sit and read a book for a while, then watch TV the rest of the evening. The TV-watching is practically unheard-of for me. I don't care for it much, though I do have my favorite movies on DVD. I could have practiced on my violin for a while, but I kind of hate to drive my family crazy when I could practice while they're gone during the afternoons. I'm not sure if using the bow could also be adding to the palm problem, but I didn't notice anything an hour ago when I was playing.

However, I am feeling it again as I type, so I'll sign off. Gotta keep the hands healthy for all this knitting! Hmmm...I wonder if I could claim that doing laundry makes my hand hurt worse...

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