Friday, May 9, 2008

Still Waiting...

...but at least the computer has been shipped! Hooray! It's coming via DHL, and I don't know if they deliver on Saturday, so I may have to wait until Monday. I do hope it comes tomorrow, but I'm not expecting it.

Meanwhile, I've not knitted a stitch today. I feel really lousy, with no discernible cause. I staggered home from work and put my flannel nightie on (it's really cool here today) and have been lying in bed reading various knitting books, the latest issue of "The Strad" magazine (all about the world of stringed instruments), and I have a pile of computer books (all from the "Dummies" series) that I got from the library. I don't think I'm up to diving into them at the moment, but I'm looking forward to it whenever I feel anywhere near human again. My Emmy-cat is pleased that I've chosen to spend the evening in bed. She likes to snuggle, and the Evil One (the dog) is nowhere around to infringe on her snuggle space. But really, MUST she knead my tummy? I don't need to be reminded that it's squishy.

Missy/Viper went to the grocery store. I think she's planning to make something, but there's a baffling array of items on the counter. Cream of mushroom soup, Italian dressing, cocoa, evaporated milk, and baking chocolate. I sincerely hope this is not all for the same recipe, but with her, you never know!

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