Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lunacy strikes

This is the yarn I spun from the Fuzzarelly Fiber roving:

Nancy had sent me a selection of blends of different colors, so I blended them from pink to purple to blue. I think it will look really neat knitted up, and I found that the "Wing o'the Moth" shawl pattern calls for 200 yards to make a smaller scarf, so I should have plenty. I guess it's not technically a Finished Project until I knit it, but the spinning part is done, so I'm going to call that a FP. (Hey, it's my blog. I get to make the rules. And break them. Regularly.) Anyway, I've been struggling to not whip out the needles and cast on for this scarf, so I should be proud of myself for that! That would really be lunacy. Ha, ha--luna(as in moth)cy. Get it? Snort.

It was a joy to spin on my new Jensen wheel. Having the orifice on the right-hand side makes things so much easier. I don't twist my body when I spin now, so I can sit back and relax and not get so kinked up. Now that I've gotten the wheel set up and "broken in" I've been doing a lot of spinning with the walnut-dyed roving. I almost finished filling a second bobbin today, so I should be able to ply and finish a skein or two in the next few days.

Now comes the moment when I have to admit that I've gone and done something really idiotic. I blame it all on Ravelry. Really, that place is Danger Lurking As A Friendly Website. Once you get on there, you get sucked in. First you start looking at other people's stashes, then you start reading the forums, and next thing you know, why, you've joined four or five groups! And that's when the crazy begins.

So, ok, the first group I joined was the Summer of Socks group. But I already knew I was going to do that, so it doesn't really count. And the Sock Blankie Mania group kinda made sense. I mean, if I'm going to be knitting all these socks, it's a good way to use up the leftovers. It's mindless knitting, so it can be done while riding in the car or whatever, and there's no deadline lurking. Harmless enough, I'd say.

BUT. The 52 Pair Plunge, I'll admit, is just nuts. As of today, I have a year in which to make 52 pairs of socks. But I figured if I'm going to be knitting socks all summer anyway, they'll count toward the total. And, unlike the SOS contest, I don't have to knit adult socks. Baby socks count. And that's a good thing, because the Rugrat has outgrown the other two pairs I made her a while back. I know, I know--I'm just trying to justify lunacy, but what can I say? It sounded fun. And it's so easy to click on that little "Join this Group" button.

I've got 20 days to work on Project List #2. And then it will be nothing but socks, socks, socks. Unless I have a total meltdown and start twitching at the very sight of socks a couple of weeks into it!

Speaking (or writing) of the Rugrat, here are a couple of pictures of absolute adorableness, IMHO:

Gaaaah. It's just TOO stinkin' cute. I can't stand it!

Sorry. Random Grandma insanity moment...

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The WoolWytch said...

Sorry. Random Grandma insanity moment...

Ha - when I'm a grandma and my kids produce munchkins that cute - I'm sure I'll have them myself!!!