Sunday, June 29, 2008

Well....more socks

This will definitely be the Summer of Socks. I finished two more pairs, and have one sock finished for my fourth pair.

SOS'08 #2, 52ppII #3
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This is pair #2 for the SOS contest, and pair #3 for the 52 Pair Plunge.

SOS'08 #3, 52ppII #4 Socks
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This is pair #3 for SOS, and #4 for 52PP.
I have to admit that my hands are hurting a bit, especially as the pair I'm knitting now are made from worsted weight yarn. That might sound crazy, but I wanted a pair that would be a little heavier to wear under my boots. The yarn is from Lorna's Laces, so it's, as would be expected, lovely and soft, but working with it on small needles is hard on the hands. The pattern is turning out wonderfully, though, so I have to love these socks too!

I planned to give away many of the socks I hope to make this summer, but each pair is so wonderful that I want to keep it for myself. Gotta stop being such a pig. How many pairs of socks does one person need, anyway? T-shirts, now. I could use some of those! I should figure out how to knit those in a fast, economical manner. I can't get anything long enough in the stores, and they shrink, fade, and wear out too soon. I guess I should put that on my list of things to look into (oh, no--another list!)

We have been having strong storms nearly every day, and about a third of the peach tree has broken off. I also need to look into pruning fruit trees as well (out comes the list again!) My flowers are flourishing. In fact, I need to cut some of them back and even dig out and divide a couple of clumps. But that would eat into my knitting time...

As you can see, I've done the links for the photos from Flickr. I just don't like it. There has to be an easier way, but I haven't figured it out yet. Something else to put on the list. But right now, I think I'll go try to finish pair #4 tonight, if my hands can hold out!

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Anonymous said...

Peach tree breaking off here too!
How many pairs of socks does one person need, anyway? I say - LOTS! Except we might need to look into extra storage space....

Daniele aka