Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another finish

Finally, I'm done with the Petite Exemplary series from Ewe & Eye & Friends. I can't remember when I did the first one, but the last three were all finished this month. That's because they're small, and I'm trying to keep going on this finishing surge. I'm a little worried though, because I'm getting the small things done, which leaves the giant projects like the quilt and the needlepoint still sitting there staring at me. Maybe it's time to make up a new rule (totally arbitrary and easily ignored, just like all my other rules!) Like, when I finish a small project, I have to work on a big one for at least two days. I'll try that.

This makes me feel totally neurotic. I mean, does anyone else have to go to all this trouble to get themselves to finish something? I guess I might as well not worry about how neurotic I seem. I'm getting things done, and I'm exercising LOTS of self-control and not buying any new stash. That's enough to justify this whole experience.

I might run into trouble in a few weeks. I see on the Yarn Harlot's website that she will be in Indianapolis on April 29th to promote her new book. Indy is only an hour and a half away, and it's also home to one of the biggest and best yarn shops around, or so I'm told. I was in Indy last June, and I totally missed it, even though we were staying only about three blocks away from it. Anyway, I've already told the viper (I really need to come up with a better name for her) that we're going, but it won't be much fun if I'm still not buying. But then again, just because you visit the Louvre doesn't mean you have to buy a million-dollar painting, right? I can just go tour the yarn shop and take photos or something: "Here I am next to the Alpaca Silk. And here I am looking at the Kidsilk Haze shelf, and here's one of me holding Cascade sock yarn." I know people who would like those photos!

Ok, five projects down and five to go until I can start the Panda Silk socks! Yay!

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