Sunday, March 16, 2008

Beginning of the end

Hey, I finished TWO projects yesterday! So even though nobody's commented yet, except the viper in the nest (which wasn't AT ALL helpful) just getting this blog out there and getting the projects (at least the ones I can see) counted and listed has given me a push.

Now, these were small projects, partially done. But what the heck--they were in the UFO pile and now they're not! First done was #26--a novelty yarn scarf. The viper says it's not long enough, but it used up all the eyelash yarn I had in that color, so I say it's done. It's a fashion scarf after all, so it doesn't need to be as long as one you'd wrap a few times for warmth.

Second to be finished was #12, one of the Petite Exemplary cross-stitch pieces. I want to get the other two done soon, because then I can frame all four in the set to hang in the bedroom I plan to paint this spring. I had finished the first one in the series a while back, so it will be nice to finally get them all done. I hate to think of the cost of the framing, but since I'm not buying any new fiber stuff, I should have a little extra money that I could set aside each week for framing. That's one of the drawbacks of cross-stitch, isn't it? I love it, but the cost of framing is scary! And it's hard to find a framer who really knows how to mount needlework.

I mentioned in my first post that I need a goal. I'm going to start small and say that when I finish 10 projects I can knit the Last Purchase socks. It would be cool to save that yarn until the UFOs are ALL done, but I'm not completely delusional. I have quilts in the project pile that have been there for 20 years. I don't expect to finish everything this year, and I WANT THOSE SOCKS!!

Off to start a new list. This will be my favorite: Finished Projects! YAY!!

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