Friday, March 28, 2008


...because it turns out that the baby sweater/coat that I'm taking to the finishing class tomorrow is not ready after all. I got it out earlier this week and realized that I hadn't done the collar yet. long could a collar take on a baby garment anyway? Except that this particular collar has increases and short rows and all kinds of annoying stuff. That means I have to be paying close attention, and I've been a wee bit tired this week (swamped at work, whole 'nother subject.) So I've gotta get down there in The Chair and get busy! I'm looking forward to this class, because I can't sew a seam decently, and I've boogered up too many things in the past. I've tried to follow photos and drawings, but my knitting never looks like the picture. I can't quite find the strand or the bump that I'm supposed to be stitching into, so I get frustrated and finally just start sewing, and the whole thing ends up looking like something most people would have done back in second grade. No more! After tomorrow, I'll be a finisher extraordinaire! I hope. And who knows...maybe, just maybe, I'll have another finished project by this time tomorrow! And maybe it will still fit The Baby, who is growing like the proverbial weed. And it's still cool enough for her to wear it for at least a week or two. Things are looking promising!

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