Monday, March 24, 2008

Wanted: Time to relax!

Haven't gotten much done the past few days, though I did finish a scarf (now in the Finished Project list!) It was like that song, "This is the scarf that never ends. It just goes on and on, my friends..." I made it narrow, so I wanted it longer so it could be wrapped a couple of times. The pattern is the Mindless Scarf shown at the bottom of this page, so it was super-simple, just never-ending.

But now that's project #4 done, so I'll keep chugging along. I've just been super-busy and am totally exhausted. I'm going to try to go to work early tomorrow so I can take Wednesday off for some knitting time. I have a wonderful job with flexible hours. As long as the work gets done, I can come and go pretty much as I please. I'll put my nose to the grindstone tomorrow, then Wednesday I might get something else finished!

I installed a closet organizer this weekend (with a LOT of help from my husband) and now I can hardly lift my arms. The closet looks great though! Life is good when my closets are organized. Now for the rest of the house...


Knits,Eats,Sleeps said...

Hmm how many days till FiberFest? April to September that's uhh 5 months? Roughly 150 days to complete 30 projects, lets see that calculates to.. 5 days per project. Now this might work if they were all scarves, but didn't I see a gigantor needlepoint project in there somewhere? Ok so let's say you DO finish the projects JUST around your chair by September, not even starting on the upstairs. That means you will only be able to buy enough goodies at FiberFest to replace the empty 4-square-foot space around your chair. The solution? Think it over at the yarn shop, where all good ideas begin! Muahaha!

Spingirl said...

Evil, truly evil.