Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day! I'm saved!

Yes, yes--I had the best idea today! It's another arbitrary rule for which project to work on at any given time. Ok, so last post I wrote about how to make myself work on the big projects, like quilts and needlepoint and such. I made up a rule, but really wasn't happy with it. Well today, being baseball's Opening Day and such (in March...weird) I realized that I had my perfect arbitrary rule! I'll work on the big projects while listening to the games on the radio. Isn't that just a swell idea? I'm toying around with an arbitrary sub-rule, something like working on the needlepoint during the home games, and the quilt during the away games. This will work for me.

Now I just need to find out what I have to do to get the games over the Internet. If I have to listen to that reeeaaaaalllly obnoxious guy who does the commercials for the casino ONE more time, I may throw myself on an Addi Turbo. It was bad enough when he did the Kroger's commercials, but these are even worse. I've resorted to turning the radio off during commercials to escape it. And every commercial gets played at least twice per inning, so by the end of the game I'm fondling the Addis with a wild look in my eye.

I like this rule. By the time the season ends (November, December? My team hasn't made it to post-season for so long that I can't keep track) I'll have come up with another rule. Or maybe I'll have gotten so much done that I won't have to make up rules. Naw, that ain't gonna happen. I just looked behind me. This room is scary at night. Who knows what's lurking behind the boxes. I'll do pictures soon, so you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Brace yourselves.

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