Tuesday, March 25, 2008

At last--the famous "project chair" photo:

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Yes, it is pretty much as bad as it looks. I do have a couple of inches to squeeze between the spinning wheel and the flat basket to get to the chair. If I'm not spinning, I move the wheel and pull up a footstool to get more comfy. I have to admit that after this photo was taken, I did organize a little better so I'd only have one or two projects lying out on the chair or table at any one time.

Since I'm on a roll with publishing photos, here's a picture of the viper in the nest:

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She looks so sweet and innocent, doesn't she? Huh. She's constantly sending me links to lace shawl patterns, or yarn sales, or she's flat-out trying to entice me into the LYS. Check out her comment on the last post for an example of her treacherous ways. You would think that a loving daughter would help her mother in her time of distress, but nooooooo. Hey, waaiiit a minute...now I get it! She's trying to get me to buy MORE so it will all go to her when I die! How could I not have figured out this nefarious plot before now? Heh, heh. I'll outfox her. From now on I only buy.....


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Knits,Eats,Sleeps said...

ME a Viper?? Who just came prancing up the stairs to announce an upcoming fiberfest in May? (yes, she pranced, and even gleefully clapped her hands) THEN she crushes my hopes by pouting and reminding me that she can't buy ANYTHING! You think she'd really miss this? This is the same woman who shopped till she literally dropped at the last fiberfest, whined about all the money spent and then insisted we go back bright and early the next morning! Nah, I'm not worried about missing any fiberfests.. Muahahaha!