Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Good Thing

It's a good thing I'm so committed to this finishing attempt. Otherwise, I might have gone to a yarn store today and bought five Dale of Norway patterns, and another Norwegian-type pattern book, and the yarn for a baby dress from that book, and yarn for a baby sweater that was half-price.

Yes, definitely a good thing I would never give up so completely and get totally carried away. I'd never be able to hold my head up in public again.

But, you know, those Dale patterns are hard to come by once the print run is over. I mean, how often do you run across the St. Anton 2001 pattern, or the Salt Lake City 2002? Not that it matters, of course. I wouldn't buy them even if I did find them, because I'd be totally breaking my own resolution to not buy any more stash. Especially not yarn, even when it's 50% off. Nope, not me. I'm tough. I'm strong. I'm...hey, is that Panda Wool on sale too?

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