Sunday, April 27, 2008

Project #10 Done!

Finished the other teal novelty scarf, and it's a beauty. I think I'll keep it for me!

Now, I had said that when I finished my tenth project, I would reward myself by starting the yellow Panda Silk socks (the formerly "Last Purchase" socks. Hah.) But, you know, I'm just not dying to get the yarn out and give it a go. Maybe I'm "socked" out. Also, I got a sudden itch to work on the Crayon Box Jacket this morning, so that's going again. There's a clue in here about why I have so much stash and so many UFOs. I would have thought that I'd be leaping for joy to start the socks, but the jacket is calling. This is the story of my creative life. I'm okay with it though, because writing about the finishing attempts has helped me so much. I'm actually finishing things! I mean, ten projects in less than two months is a superhuman feat for me!

BUT. I discovered that I had done most of the squares on the Crayon Box Jacket wrong, so I basically started over. I can pull out the old squares and reuse the yarn, but I didn't have the patience for that this morning. It took long enough to figure out what needle size I had been using (it's never the same as what the pattern calls for), and which size square I was making. Once I got that all sorted out, I did something unprecedented. I WROTE THE INFO ON THE PATTERN!! Yes, folks, she CAN be taught!

This thing is like eating peanuts--I can't stop. Once I start a square, I have to finish it, and then I have to start the next one to see how it will look. That's a good thing, I guess. Maybe it will get finished before something else calls. Nah, not likely. Especially as the Dale of Norway sweater (which is not on the First List) is calling. I even knitted the gauge swatch for it.

Why would I get the sudden freak to start something so huge, you ask? My guess is that it's because since I started this blog, I've been led all around the Internet Knitting Universe, and I've seen so many beautiful sweaters that I want my own. I'm ready to move on from the novelty scarf and sock mode I've been in. (I have the yarn for one more novelty scarf, then that's IT! Though it will go perfectly with a skirt and sweater set I just bought a couple of weeks ago, so maybe I should whip that up real quick...)

Anyway, I have the stash. I have the skills. I have some books to help me work through any difficulties of two-color knitting. And I want, I really want, a Dale sweater. If I start it now it should be done in time for winter. Total Project-Starting Justification going on here, but please play along. You know that probably 99% of you do the exact same thing. I don't want to hear from the other 1%, thankyouverymuch.

In other non-project news, we've learned this weekend that MeeMaw and PaPaw are not in any shape to care for a 15-month-old for more than a couple of hours at a stretch. Missy is on a mini-vacation (which heaven knows she deserves) and we've been taking care of the baby. One of her friends kept her overnight Friday and part of Saturday, but she's been all ours for the rest of the time. Between my fibromyalgia, and hubby's picking up and bringing in our new furniture (also with the help of a friend) we both are creeping around here like little old folks. It doesn't help that I did some furniture moving myself yesterday, along with cleaning and laundry. I feel like I've been beaten with a rubber hose. But we wouldn't trade the time with this little sweetie for anything. We just need her to have naps a bit more frequently!

Re the furniture moving: I've done a bit of work in the Sewing Room Hellhole, and it's looking a teeny bit better. It's going to be a long process.

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