Monday, April 7, 2008

Progress Update

Since it's been about a month since I started this blog, I thought I'd do a progress summary. So far, I've finished five projects and started one new one (from yarn that was on the list, so it's okay.) I'm a bit proud of the five finishes, until I look at the photos and see how SMALL they are. But I'm not going to get discouraged--this has been a good thing for me, and I'm going to stick with it!

The baseball game rule has also worked very, very well. Here's the needlepoint I've been working on during the games:

I'm amazed at how much I've gotten done since instituting the baseball game rule. I had only gotten about the bottom two inches done before, so I'm thrilled to see so much progress. I am, however, a little sick of it. Not a problem; the team is on the road starting tomorrow, so the sub-rule goes into effect: Work on the quilt during away games.

Here are more projects I've been going at steadily:

This is the second sock from the blue Panda Wool. It's going quickly, though I miss my "magic loop" needle. I hope this will be done by tomorrow, and will be the first finish for April. And yes, as you can tell, I have really big feet.

Here's the lace scarf that's driving me a little buggy. I can't do anything else while I'm working on it (like listen to a recorded book) because I have to keep whispering, "Yarn over, knit two together, knit three, slip slip knit, yarn over, knit one...") You can't see the pattern well now, but it will show up when it's finished and blocked.

I started these socks Saturday because I needed something mindless to work on at a wedding shower that evening, and the blue socks were right at the heel-turning point. I've not done enough heels yet to be able to do them mindlessly, so I wanted something easy. I've never done a pattern in socks, because I've always used variegated yarn, but this started looking a little blah once I was past the toe, therefore the tiny two-stitch cable. Looks nice, but is still mindless enough to carry around to parties and such.

Here's the really interesting part. (Well, I hope all this other stuff is at least mildly interesting.) The attempt to get a handle on projects has trickled down to other parts of my house. We put in a closet organizer a couple of weeks ago, so last week I purged the bedroom of unused clothes, junk on the computer desk (which shouldn't even be in the bedroom, but we're out of space,) and four grocery bags full of books that are now in the trunk of my car to be taken to the library as a donation to the yearly sale. That felt really good, and I've actually been making my bed, pretty much for the first time in 26 years.

So last week, the bedroom. This week, the kitchen. Check this out:


Clearly, I now need to go to the grocery store. I don't know how long we'll last on bottled water, a big container of masa flour, and less than one-fourth of a bottle of wine (the part that concerns me most.) At least we have pickles in case of a real emergency, like, well...I don't know what. Whatever it would be, we've got it covered.

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Annie said...

I envy the skills for sock making - I don't have time, nor patience for that type of intricate work.